WebProcure® offers internet technology that handles the complete procure-to-pay life cycle for both buyers and suppliers. Currently all of the solicitations for the items on State Competitive Contracts with the Office of Purchasing,Travel, and Fleet Management (OPTFM) are done through WebProcure, thereby offering the supplier an electronic process for responding to solicitations. WebProcure also allows organizations to create self-service procurement processes that increase the use of preferred vendor contracts and provides a paperless process for both buyers and suppliers.

In addition, WebProcure also offers buyers electronic bid solicitations for State Agency needs for both formal and informal solicitations. The solicitation module provides a more competitive market place by increasing the supplier base, which should result in optimum pricing.

Electronic catalog ordering is done through the WebProcure® order management module.  As of January 1, 2008, State agencies are required to use WebProcure® to place orders for items on the Office of Purchasing, Travel, and Fleet Management's (OPTFM) state competitive contracts.  Agencies are no longer allowed to create purchase orders in SAAS for items on OPTFM's state competitive contracts.

For Buyers:

  • Order Management – Utilize electronic catalogs for state contract items to create and circulate requisitions through an internal approval process to generate and send purchase orders to suppliers to the receipt of goods, with near-real time integration to the Statewide Automated Accounting System (SAAS).
  • Formal and Informal Solicitations - Manage the entire bids and solicitation process, from solicitation generation, bid response review and bid award.
  • Contract Management - Create and manage supplier contracts, including electronic catalog activation and contract authorization management.

For Suppliers/Vendors:

  • Self-service Registration - Submit applications and craft business profiles on a self-service basis.
  • Solicitations - Track bids of interest and submit responses electronically.
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