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Holiday Coding on SPAHRS Timesheets


The original Christmas holiday proclamation had Wednesday, December 24 as a holiday, along with Thursday, December 25.  Last week a revised proclamation was issued stating the extra day for Christmas could be either the day before (December 24) or the day after (December 26).  SPAHRS can only put one of the dates on the holiday table.  December 24 was already there, and many agencies had already created timesheets with this date as a holiday.  For those employees who work December 24 and take December 26 as the holiday, the agencies will need to make two entries in the timesheet.  December 24 will need to be coded as HOLFL and December 26 will need to be coded as HOLFT.



DFA Holiday Schedule

In keeping with the revised proclamation that state agencies may elect to close their respective offices in observance of the Christmas season, the Department of Finance and Administration will be closed Thursday, December 25, 2014 and Friday, December 26, 2014.  MAGIC & SPAHRS will be available for agency use; however, there will be no nightly processing and the call center will not be open.  All MASH emails and voice mails received on these days will be processed on Monday, December 29, 2014.


FICA Maximum Wage Change

It has been discovered the maximum wages subject to FICA for 2014 was not entered into SPAHRS, and the 2013 max wage of $113,700 was being used. The table entry for 2014 has been added with the max wage of $117,000. Those employees who had already reached the $113,700 will automatically have FICA withheld on their next SPAHRS payments to catch them up to the $117,000. There is nothing the agency needs to do. SPAHRS will recognize they have not met the $117,000 max and hold out FICA until the year to date FICA wage base totals $117,000. For most, only one pay period will cause them to reach this max.

If you have any questions, you may call the MMRS Call Center at 601-359-1343, Option 3 for SPAHRS, or email your question to MASH@dfa.ms.gov.

Essential Information Needed for MAGIC

MAGIC requires appropriate data for interface processing.  Therefore, when you hire employees and workers into PINs and WINs in SPAHRS, please be certain to include the Date of Birth and a valid Zip Code on the Demograph record.  In addition, the Eligibility Sequence Number (ESN) is required to complete the hire process.  If an employee/worker transfers or is hired into another PIN/WIN in your agency, the ESN should be updated at that time.  Thank you for your assistance with providing this necessary information for smooth SPAHRS to MAGIC interface processing.

Important Payroll Information

Payroll will continue to be processed in SPAHRS until MAGIC Phase II goes live.  Please note, however, there is an interface that will run between SPAHRS and MAGIC Financials and may take up to 20 minutes to process.  You will need to correct any identified errors.  Documentation to assist you in correcting the identifying and correcting these errors may be found at this link: Agency Guide for SPAHRS Interface.

SAAS Table Issues Have Been Corrected 

The SAAS Table Issues have been corrected, and security access has been restored for Agency Maintained SAAS tables. Corrections to the SAAS tables need to be made by agencies with SAAS table issues. After the SAAS tables have been corrected, agencies should be able to process their account distribution rollover in SPAHRS. 



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