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MAGIC Message

  The MAGIC Message is a project newsletter published quarterly and intended for all MAGIC stakeholders. This publication seeks to educate, encourage and keep you informed of the status of the MAGIC project. 

MAGIC Message Editions

  Focus On...HCM: Delimiting (Interactive Version)
Phase I Go-Live Kit (Interactive Version) 
May 2014 Special Edition  (Interactive Version) 
  Spring 2014 (Interactive Version) 
  Fall 2013 (Interactive/Printable Version) 
October 2013 Special Edition (Printable Version) 
  September 2013 Special Edition (Printable Version) 
  Spring 2013  (Interactive/Printable Version) 
  May 2013 Special Edition (Printable Version) 
March 2013 Special Edition (Printable Version) 
  January / February 2013 (Interactive Version) (Printable Version) 
  Fall Edition (Interactive Version) (Printable Version
Special Edition  (Printable Version) 
  Summer Edition (Interactive Version) (Printable Version) 
  Spring Edition (Interactive Version) (Printable Version) 
  Winter Edition (Interactive Version) (Printable Version) 
Fall Edition (Printable Version) 
  Summer Edition (Printable Version) 
  Spring Edition (Printable Version) 
Winter Edition (Printable Version) 















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